• Classic Shirts - Choose your color

    Classic Shirts - Choose your color (3)

    Be Legendairy with these classic designs. Don't see a color combination you're looking for? Let us know, we can probably make it for you custom!
  • Logo T-Shirts

    Logo T-Shirts (15)

    All your Legendairy Wisconsin icons, ready to be proudly worn with these stylish 100% cotton shirts.
  • Hoodies

    Hoodies (7)

    Your favorite Legendairy Wisconsin icons, wearable year-round with these stylish hoodies and sweatshirts.
  • Hats

    Hats (4)

    Beanies, hats, lids, winter hats, caps, whatever you want to call them, be Legendairy in any one of them
  • People's Flag

    People's Flag (3)

    MkeFlag - The People's Flag of Milwaukee
  • Tanks and 3/4 Sleeves

    Tanks and 3/4 Sleeves (6)

    Be Legendairy and sporty with these tank tops, racerbacks, and 3/4 sleeve length shirts.
  • Mugs

    Mugs (1)

    Enjoy a tasty beverage of your choice in a stylish Legendairy mug!