We Are Legendairy

Wisconsin is Legendairy

Wisconsin is Legendairy

We’re here to tell the stories of the people, places and things that define that spirit.

Legendairy has a story, What's Yours?

The Hoan Bridge

Legendairy Milwaukee Landmark

Open for public use in 1977, the Hoan Bridge is a Legendairy beacon across the Milwaukee skyline.

A new project is bringing to light, literally, the Hoan through “Light the Hoan” which will make the Hoan shine with programmable LEDs across the iconic bridge.

Soon we’ll all have a way to light the way home, on the bridge that leads you right into downtown.


Milwaukee Flag

The People's Flag of Milwaukee

The sun rising over Lake Michigan symbolizes a new day.  The light blue bars in its reflection represent the city’s three rivers (Milwaukee, Menomonee, Kinnickinnic) and the three founding towns (Juneau Town, Kilbourn Town, Walker’s Point). Gold represents our brewing history and white represents peace.

A new day calls for a new symbol.  The People’s Flag is a Legendairy icon of Milwaukee.


Worn With Pride

Something as iconic and as Legendairy as the “Cheesehead” has to have been around forever, right?  This badge of honor worn by Wisconsinites at sporting events has only been around for 30 years, and was first spotted at a baseball game before gaining traction at football games.  Now it is known across the country as the go-to signature accessory for the Wisconsin sporting fan.

Be Legendairy

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